How To Get More Gym Clients: Who You Should Be Marketing To

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A good portion of gyms have a marketing plan that accounts for social media, email marketing, paid advertising and leverages different channels. Whilst this is a great start to growing your clientbase and business, this often misses out striking the balance between who you are marketing to and who is signing up - which can lead to you spending more money and focusing on the wrong metrics. 

Ultimately, having a strong stream of traffic and engagement is brilliant to see, but to reach your most successful point you need to hone in on conversion rate. Rather than having 10,000 weekly hits and 10 sign ups, 1,000 weekly hits with 80 sign ups means you’re doing things right, and can grow with purpose. 

How do we do that? We have to balance out who we are targeting and how much intent they have to sign up as a client. 

We're going to run through how you can find that perfect balance between reaching a wide audience and connecting with those who are genuinely eager to break a sweat. Let’s dive in! 

Understand Your Marketing Spend

Let's kick things off with the basics – your gym business plan and that all-important marketing spend. Not all of us have deep pockets that account for tons of marketing, and that's absolutely fine! If you're working with a smaller budget, it's wise to focus on areas where your most loyal gym-goers call home.

Work Out Who Your Most Profitable Client Is

Remember, your most profitable clients aren’t always based in the immediate surrounding area of your gym, take a look at your client database and who brings you the most business. You want to find the areas with the most clients, who also stay signed up for the longest time overall. (If your largest client pool stays signed up for significantly less time than your second largest location, you should hone in on marketing on that second location  - work out what brings you the most money - no vanity metrics!) 

Are they clustered in specific neighbourhoods, or do they sprinkle their gym vibes all over the city? Knowing this nugget of info will be your secret sauce for a targeted marketing strategy that hits the right spots.

Understand Demand In Surrounding Areas

Now that you've got the inside scoop on your own gym-goers, let's talk about the neighbouring areas. What's the demand for fitness services like there? Every community has its unique vibe, and your gym advertising should reflect that. Tailor your message to show how your gym can be their fitness haven, meeting their specific needs and turning those workout dreams into reality. Understanding how far people are willing to travel vs what they need to hear to sign up is key. 

PS, get in touch with us for a free analysis report on where prospects are based, how competitors get their clients (and how to steal them), and how to hit prospects for the highest conversion. 

Competitor Analysis

Take a look at what the competition is up to. Identify what makes you stand out and shout it from the rooftops. If you’re in a competitive area, prospects need to understand that your gym is built for them, and what makes you better than the other guys.

Adding Intent to Prioritise Your Gym Marketing Plan

To capture the attention of those actively seeking a fitness haven you need to dive into the data. SEO analysis can tell you what people are searching for, (and where,) the services they are most keen on, and the typical clients that are drawn to your competitors (we can help with that.) Alongside other external channels, ensure you have tracking on your own systems. Where do people first hear about you (and who converts the highest,) what was the messaging in the most commonly clicked marketing, how do users navigate your website, what do they read and interact with before enquiring? All of this will build a picture of who is searching with intent, and what you need to do to get them over the line. 

Finding and Getting Noticed by the Intent-Driven Crew

Now, here's a friendly tip: If you want to supercharge your gym advertising and connect with fitness enthusiasts actively seeking a gym to call home, consider teaming up with the pros. Hundreds Agency was built to elevate your online presence and attract clients with genuine intent. Get in touch today!

Finding the right clients (and understanding how to hit them) is similar to a newbie trying to master a new gym routine - it takes time, effort, and a dash of strategy. It’s an ever-evolving journey, but oh so very worth they pay-off. 

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