Fitness Marketing in 2024: Trends To Get More Clients

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The shift in fitness marketing from a positioning standpoint is clear to see - the era of dubious weight loss claims has given way to a more authentic approach. Brands are steering away from one-way communication through traditional ads, recognising the need for interaction, community-building, and personalisation. But going deeper, how else can you best leverage your potential clients to be successful in 2024? 

To thrive in our evolving industry, understanding the key trends is essential for connecting with consumers. Understanding how clients' behaviours are changing and incorporating these trends into your marketing strategy not only enhances your awareness, but also draws the right audience to (and through!) your doorstep.

Authenticity and Branding

The tone of fitness marketing is shifting towards relatability and health-driven decision-making rather than just the end goal. Focusing on the client’s current state, acknowledging and connecting with their feelings and concerns, and why they’re actually looking into your business is important. One-size absolutely does not fit all! 

Acknowledging and appreciating individuals for who they are creates a connection. Authentic user stories go beyond selling a product; they provide solutions to emotional needs, fostering confidence, achievement, and community. This approach not only leaves a lasting impact but also builds brand loyalty.

While there's still room for results-driven marketing, the overall pattern emphasises authenticity. To understand how best to hit your prospective clients, dive into who makes a successful client (stays signed up the longest/makes you the most money), and work back from patterns. You can also AB test, dive into local data, and survey your existing clients - Hundreds Agency can help tailor your message to resonate with users, driving the most leads for your business.

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AI Marketing Automation and Data Crawling

Integrating AI with marketing can revolutionise your data analysis, personalisation, and campaign optimisation. AI-powered chatbots and messaging apps offer personalised experiences, forging more authentic connections with potential clients - but you have to put in the work first for this to work - understanding what makes people convert, who you’re talking to, and when the need for humans arises. 

Beyond client interaction, leveraging AI to analyse the traits of your most successful clients is crucial for success in 2024. Understanding their origins, demographics, and behaviour patterns enables targeted and effective marketing across channels. Paired with conversion data, you can see the exact cost per acquisition (paying client) and hone in on what is making you the most money. 

Two-Way Communication and Hyper-personalisation

Engaging with your audience across channels fosters relationships and trust with your audience. Opening up a two-way conversation that resonates with your audience and encourages feedback helps your brand stand out in consumers' minds. 

Paired with AI insights, hyper-personalising your marketing allows you to tailor messages, ads, and targeting for individual preferences. Understanding the "why" behind a visitor's behaviour on your website enables nuanced and compelling marketing efforts. 

Say someone visits your website, went to enquire about a boxing class, but didn't click through to book or send a message. Targeting these visitors specifically (adapted for service offering) opens up the opportunity to personalise. Dive into the “why”, rather than advertising the class again to these visitors, AB test marketing driven by the health benefits of boxing, the open friendly atmosphere that makes your classes brilliant for beginners, etc. Niching down and adapting based on success will help you drive your strategy in the most profitable direction. 

Influencer Marketing: The Shift to Micro Influencers

Influencer marketing has faced scepticism with an array of studies showing the shift in end-user trust for large (Macro) influencers. With this, there's a noticeable shift towards micro-influencers for efficient results per spend. Modern consumers seek genuine relationships with influencers, favouring authenticity over endorsements - with patterns often showing a higher conversion percentage with a smaller, nicher, and more targeted following. Choosing micro-influencers with niche audiences aligns well with this trend. Look for influencers who embody your brand, instil trust, and offer a reach that aligns with your budget and goals. 

As you navigate the evolving fitness marketing landscape, embracing these trends will not only set you apart but also propel your business towards sustained success. Hundreds Agency can connect you with marketing solutions that genuinely improve your growth trajectory and set your business up for success - so get in touch for a no-strings strategy call and explore what we can do for you!

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